Monday, 16 January 2017

How to get the job for Freshers

How to get the job for Freshers ?

This is the first question arises in every student mind who is looking for a job. After completing the studies  people prepare themselves for a job, but they are not sure from where to start to reach their goal. Here are few steps to achieve it.

  1. Prepare Resume: The first and most important step in getting ready for a job is preparation of the resume. Most of the Initial validations done in any recruitment is through the resume and it create the impression. so Every point on your resume must be specific and must be supported be numbers or tangible/factual information.
  2. Upload resume in Job sites: Soon after completing your resume writing upload it on standard job portals like Monster.com,Naukri.com,shine.com and timesjobs.com. This will help you in getting the calls.
  3. Prepare for the Interview Questions: Prepare for the basic questions like Tell me about yourself?. Brush up your communication skills. Find the fresher interview questions online and try to find your answers for them.
  4. Improve your technical Skills: During our studies we used to prepare for getting maximum marks in our studies. That approach does not work in job search. Prepare for the technical interview questions for freshers.
  5. Certifications or Live projects: Please do certifications in your favourite technology or participate in Live projects. with this you can get the knowledge in real time scenarios which can help you in interviews. It also helps you in case if you did not get the job for so many days you can explain to the interviewer what you did for the gap.
  6. Apply for Internships in companies:  The following are the benefits through internships. experience, skill development, perspective, supervision, professional connections, You can understand how an organization functions, so it will help you to be considered for the job in the same organization.
  7. Maintain your Profile on Job sites: Most of the job portals considers the active profile i,e the profiles that are updated recently on the site. So make a  habit of updating your profile or details on regular basis(at least once in a week). By doing so recruiters will be able to see your profile for the open positions.
Points to Remember:
  • Go through some sample resumes from the web and follow the simple and clear resume format.
  • DO NOT copy the content from friends resumes,use it as a sample and mention what you’ve accomplished.A Common mistake most of us make while constructing a resume is to copy the format from a friend’s resume and build it based on that. AVOID THIS
  • Please modify the resume profile on job portals frequently since they list the latest resumes while recruiters searching for the candidates on the job portals.

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