Monday, 17 April 2017

How to convert normal TV to android TV

Are you planning to buy a new smart TV by exchanging the old non smart TV?.
If you decided to do so.. Please hold on..! Read this article..
Without wasting more time I will be going straight forward, share tips to convert your Tv to Smart Tv.. Below details will surely help you to convert your HD Tv to smart Tv with a streaming device!

Lets understand the differences between a smart and Non smart TV.
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Smart TV v/s Non Smart TV:

Many smart TVs are, in fact, High Definition LEDs. “Smart” means added functionality, and it has nothing to do with the screen’s definition (resolution). 'Smart' refers to internet,Wifi connectivity with apps, just like smart phones. However, I’ve seen today's branded smart TVs are higher priced. Here one thing to be noted that, smart TVs have their own operating software developed by concerned brand and it may or may not have the apps that supports in future.

Photo credit: Sinchen.Lin via Visualhunt / CC BY
How to convert normal TV into smart TV?

There are  many devices available on amazon.in, Flipkart , ebay and snapdeal. Some of the popular devices are Google Chromecast, apple Tv, Roku 3 streaming media players. these devices converts your LED TV to a smart one.I prefer Chromecast 2 it lets me stream online videos from my android phone. most of the Android based phones will be supported by Chromecast because it's their brand item.

Typical Use cases: 
  • Mirror your Android phone to your TV (experience varies from phone to phone)
  • Stream locally stored files on your phone to your TV, (use Localcast app to get the best experience)
  • Cast youtube videos, music and other content from cast enabled apps, (go to google cast section of playstore to browse through huge catalog of such apps)
  • Play cast optimised games using your phone as a controller.
Data Usage:

*streaming local stored media doesn't require a internet connection though data monitor apps will show data usage because data is being transmitted through the wifi network (from phone to TV), i've checked it by disconnecting internet cable from the splitter)

*Chromecast will use data to download updates.

It also consumes data to pull screensavers/backdrops from various online sources even if you disable it from the google cast app, it might be a bug and google would fix it in the upcoming update.

*Streaming from youtube or other online services will obviously consume data.


* circular design with rubbery finish on the edges makes it feel cool and sturdy definitely better than previous gen Chromecast.

*will easily plug into your TV even if it has HDMI slot over at the back portion of the TV, you can opt for a HDMI extension cable for even easier access.

* there is a tiny LED that stays on when your Chromecast is connected to TV and TV is turned on., you can long press it to factory reset your chromecast too.

Final take:

Its a great utility if you want to experience online content or locally stored content on a big screen without replacing your current TV with a smart TV. Its even better than a smart TV because if its modular nature and endless possibilities with newer updates and expanding app ecosystem. Go for it, its an absolute value for money even with that bumped up price tag here in India

So I would suggest you to Intentionally buy a non Smart TV and make it smart also you can save around 10K bucksYou can convert your ordinary TV (with HDMI port) to Smart TV using these gadgets.

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