Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Career Change: 3 Reasons to move from BPO to IT

After spending two years in BPO industry these 3 reasons given motivation to me in my Career Change. You can refer my blog to understand How to change from BPO to IT?

1. Nature of Work: In BPO industry the nature of work is monotonous in non voice process. You have to strictly adhere to the Standard operational procedure or process. In initial days your job helps you to enhance your skill set, but over a period of time your learning curve became normal. At this stage you can able to work fast since you are doing it regularly. But there will be no growth in your learning and skill development after reaching to this stage.

2. Low Compensation: The compensation paid to the BPO employees is less compare to IT industry.
Did you know I worked for a IT project on BPO payroll at Infosys BPO?. Though my nature of duties are technical in nature the allowances and compensation offered was very low when we compare to IT people. This gives huge profits to the companies because they utilize the IT skills of the resources by paying low CTC and allowance. Yet we can see lot of discrimination between IT and BPO employees.

3. Internal Job Postings : Every company mentions there are opportunities to move from BPO to IT within organization, but the truth is managers do not allow employees to move and show lot of policies restrictions to do so. Because manages have to face the challenges to replace a skilled employee. In my opinion internal transfer happens when there are excess employees or to retain a resigned employees. This change gives a minimal hike in compensation and designation compare to market standards.

I wish you good luck and decide on your career change. Please feel free to provide your comments and spread this by sharing this to your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Whatapp. -Thank you

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