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Do eggs really make us fat?

Photo via via Visualhunt.com
Photo via via Visual hunt
Photo via via VisualHunt
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Photo via via Visual hunt
I have been hearing so many Questions about having eggs as part of our daily routine. From My childhood I heard following questions about eating eggs. Now I would like to answer each Question.

Do eggs really make you fat?
Do Egg Yolks Make You Fat?
Does egg contain fats?

One large egg contains just 77 calories and five grams of fat which means Eggs are low in calories and fat. So if you consume a boiled egg it adds very less fats to your body. However if you make an egg Omelette it adds more than 150 calories. If you use butter and cheese it adds more and more calories, because of which people created a myth that "Eggs make us fat".

Is Eggs good for weight loss?
Should we avoid eggs to lose weight?
Boiled eggs make you gain weight?

An Egg contain lot of vitamins and nutrients in it along with the useful proteins which are used to build body. So Eating eggs helps us in maintaining our health. Many studies proven that eating two eggs per day specially at breakfast helps in reducing the body weight.  

With just 77 calories and five grams of fat, each egg consists six grams of protein, nine essential amino acids. They are rich in iron, phosphorous, selenium and vitamins A, C makes it one of the healthiest foods around, eggs are also inexpensive and easy to prepare.

Egg yolks contain soaked fat and cholesterol, both have been connected with increased risks of heart disease and stroke. So doctors suggest to take minimum eggs or to remove yolks for heart patients.

The fact about fat is unless you spend the energy(Calories) that you earned from any food, you will become fat. So eat healthy and do some exercises or physical work.  

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