Wednesday, 19 April 2017

E-coli bacteria exist in salads and Juices

Do you know E-coli bacteria exist in most of carrot, onion samples that are served in Hotels.

Recent studies reveals that the salads, fruits and juices that are served in hotels and restaurants are having deadly bacteria.The worry is unusually, most percentage of the food stuff is having it.

British Food Journal (BFJ) recently conducted a study for Evaluating food safety. Collected food samples from  hotels, restaurants and street-side food stalls and published the research results in its recent issue. The result was 98.1% of carrot and 75.5% onion samples analysed are having bacteria and are unfit for human consumption.They contain E le coli.

What is E-coli?

E le coli, kind of bacteria that effecrts human digestive system and causes gastroentec ritis if consumed. The  food served in eateries had come in contact with human faeces ­ eithher through contaminated water or unclean hands. Flies and cockroaches are also culprits.

Based on the results appeared in the February issue of the British Food Journal,The Food and Drug Toxicology Research Centre and the Biostatistics department of the Hyderabad city-based National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) conducted a study covering 463 samples of street food  According to the study , peeled and cut fruits left uncovered have 13.4 times risk of E coli contamination compared to the fruits kept in closed containers.

“The purpose... is to identify and prioritize the key food safety practices among street food handlers that lead to microbial contamination. These safety practices will help develop and design tailor-made training material for street food vendors in future,“ the study pointed out.Of the 463 samples checked for microbial contamination, 163 were of salads, 150 of fruit juices, and 150 pani puri samples.

The other bacteria found on the food stuff analysed were S aureus, E coli, Salmonella spp., Shigella spp., Bacillus cereus, and Yersinia spp. “Pani puri samples picked from the vendors, who did not have soap at the vending unit, had significantly higher contamination of faecal coliforms than those who had,“ the study revealed.

They cause diseases like loose motions and vomiting to severe food poisoning, leading to even death. Earlier studies revealed that fountain soft drinks and sodas served even in big malls are contaminated with E coli.

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