Thursday, 6 July 2017

How to avoid GST

How to avoid GST....

Dont blame Modi or Govt...But act wisely and avoid GST👍👍👍

1. While going out side take bottle of water with you... Avoid buying water bottle outside shops.

2. While journey time.... Take pack of Lemon rice, Biryani.. Avoid buying food out side, eating in hotels and malls.

3. Buy groceries near by local Shops, Vegetables  from Bandiwalas or from Rhythubazar... May be small shops... Don't buy in super markets..

4. Saturday Sunday... Avoid going to shopping Malls.... Instead of go to Native Places/ Friends home.... Relatives home.. Build relationships...

5. Don't go to Inox, PVR.. Multiplex.. Theatre..
Go to near by small/ local theatres...no GST for them.

6. Morning.. After walking..excerise... Take  tea/ coffee in home Instead of hotels..

7. If you go to tour.. Stay in relatives/ friend home. Dont stay in resorts / hotels/ lodges...

Modi has done this so that we value our relatives .. neighbours and friends...


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