Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Don't die by laugh.....

When I ask my friend who is having a Rs 60000/- bike, which fuel he is using. 
He replied, it's Petrol. 
When I asked why don't he try Kerosene?  His reply was, the engine will be spoiled. 
I again asked him, will you drink?? 
He quietly said 'yes'.
When I questioned, won't it spoil your engine??? 
He humbly replied, it's only occasionally... 

My question is, can we pour kerosene occasionally in our bike??? For a change??? 

We give more value to our 60000 bike but not for our life. 

Our life is more valuable and more Important.
So never change a brand.  If it's Whisky, let it be Whisky. 
If it's Rum let it be Rum. 😳


Don't die by laugh.....
Killer joke:

The Students of MBBS were attending their 1st Biochemistry Class. 
They all gathered around the Lab table with a Urine sample. 
The Professor dip His Finger in urine & tasted it in his own mouth. 
Then he asked the Students to do the same. The students hesitated for several minutes, 
but at last every one dipped their finger in urine sample & tasted it....
When everyone finished, the Professor looked at them & said: 

The most important Quality is 'Observation'.  I dipped my MIDDLE Finger but tasted the INDEX Finger. Today you just Learnt, "How to Pay Attention".  All Students shouted...
saala kuttta!!!

😜BOSS in office : Okay guys, today we are going to play a game.....

When I say a name of the fruit, you run to the right  side of the hall....

And when I say any color, you run to the left side of the hall....

One who runs on wrong side will not get the bonus this diwali...
got it ?

Employees : Yes Boss, Got it.

Boss : Okay...Ready, Set...
.  ... ....
..... "ORANGE" !

Employees : saale sidha bol na bonus nahi dega... 😳😳😰😰😡😡

Lion asked his newly wedded lioness "tumhara shaadi se pehlay koi affair tha?"

Lioness smiles and said: "Aapki Is bat pe ek sher yad aa gaya..."


Mail from Bank: 
Sir, Please send us your PAN details.

Santa:  geeli supari, gulkand jyada, sauf, elaichi..... aur haan Choona jara kum 😂😂😂

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